been slippin

by Deadbelly

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two tracks to make you claw your eyeballs out. the plan is to finish all the other song fragments I'm working on and re-release these two tracks, recorded less frantically/half-assedly (on real equipment?!? woa dream big) along with some new sad shit. but anyway here's this for now.

for my (our) fallen friend, the most genuine and trustworthy of all the humans I have known, Emma Nervosa (Inky Dibbitt). since you died, i've been deep in the bottom of a grave i scraped out with my fingernails, all 6 feet of heavy damp earth, alone with ghosts of you and the sounds of Blaze Foley. congratulations on your escape from this nightmare, though the rest of us find that each breath of air weighs heavier in our leaden lungs without you. you were truly the brightest star, which I imagine had already burned out by the time that I met you, and I was only waiting for the light to finish traveling all that distance and finally become imperceptible from where I stand. this one song doesn't even begin to cover a goddamn thing, but it was a more productive way to sit and shake.

alright, fuck it, enough is enough, I could ramble for years. i ain't mad. i will keep fighting, and i will keep going to visit your mother. love you, Emma.


released March 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Deadbelly Mirambeau, France

digging myself a shallow grave, light ain't shit but a map of a map. sorry Ma, I truly am.

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Track Name: heavy as the sea
wailin in my head won't quit
screamin in my veins finds a home
you weren't made to grow old
lonesome as that cold damp ground
I swear I watch you go
every night, every night

heavy as the sea

two demons died that day
one was killed before her first breath
just a bloody mistake
the other tired and bowed its head
got taken by the waves
down, all the way down

no there ain't nothin here for you
it's true they were never gonna do you right
they take and take and take
you are too kind
and though we would have stood by your side,
you know that you were right, you know that you were right
you're always right

heavy as the sea